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This is a collection of the photographs used on this web site plus others pertaining to the workings of the Dalgety Bay Horticultural Society. Please note: all of these pictures are copyright DBHS.

Gardening Scotland June 2010 - Julia and Susan's Pallet Garden entry

At Gardening Scotland in June, DBHS entered the Pallet Garden competition thanks to two of our Committee Members, Julia Miflin and Susan Bains. We won a silver gilt award. So well done Julia and Susan and congratulations. Julia also managed to recruit a couple of new members.

More pictures at:

Julia with the DBHS pallet entry

Duchess of Northumberland
Two pictures of the Duchess of Northumberland taken at the recent DBHS organised talk.

Duchess of Northumberland group

Joe with Jim McColl after the DBHS organised talk

Keith and Ian winning a cup at the Caley Spring show

planting daffodils in Dalgety Bay
Old show pictures (above)

Daffodil planting in the Bay (left)

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