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Thank you for accessing the Dalgety Bay World Wide Web Site. If you are new to the web this page gives you some tips on how to use and navigate your way through this site. If you are happy using the web you should just hit the back button in the top left of your tool bar and view information on the other DBHS pages.

Welcome. You have arrived here if you are new to the web. The most important thing about the world wide web is to learn how to navigate through it. Navigation from page to page is normally done using hyper-text links. These may be underlined and are most commonly seen in the colour blue. However, not all things on the web are as they seem and it's quite possible to have underlined blue text which is not a hypertext link, or hypertext links which are not underlined or blue. The way to confirm the presence of a link is to move your mouse pointer over the top of a piece of hypertext. If your browser is in its default configuration then the standard mouse pointer will change to a pointing finger. The "value" of the hypertext link, ie the new page that will be navigated to if you click the mouse is also normally displayed at the bottom of the browser window.

You should note also that pictures or "buttons" may be linked as well as text and these provide other ways of navigating round the internet. When you go to a new web address (URL) with a mouse click you are going forwards through the network. If you want to retrace your steps then you can make use of the back button at the top left of the browser window. Placing the mouse over that and clicking the active mouse button will take you back to the page you were previously at. Once you are there you can go forwards again by choosing another link or by hitting the forward button which is next to the back one on the tool bar. Need more practice? Then try the following links. The picture is linked so clicking on that will take you to another page. Apart from this simple introduction, just relax, take your time, and enjoy our pages on the web.

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